Uist Forest Retreat - In the news....

Uist Forest Retreat opened for guests in August 2018. In the short time since we began building the retreat and then welcoming our guests, we have been delighted to be mentioned in a number of publications, including; The Sunday Times, The Herald, The Guardian and the BBC. See below for some of our achievements so far.

The Outer Hebrides – also in the news

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The Times 19th April 2019

’50 best secret beaches in the UK

From hidden coves in Cornwall to wild shores in Scotland, we reveal where to go to escape the crowds — and where to book a room near by’


AirBnB / MSN Lifestyle 08th April 2019

‘Airbnb treehouses to live out your childhood dreams’


AirBnB / Red Online 08th April 2019

‘Unique Airbnb treehouses to live out your childhood dreams’


AirBnB / The Daily Mail 29th March 2019

‘They’re all glass acts! The jaw-dropping Airbnb properties that let the light stream in’


The Herald 12th January 2019

‘From lodges to cabins: Scotland’s 10 best cosy retreats’


The Guardian 25th August 2018

‘It’s not over yet: 20 great late-summer escapes in the UK’

The BBC 06th March 2018

The BBC spotted our image and asked if they could share it on their website, we were delighted for it to be seen here. 

Daily Mail 07th March 2018

The eagle image goes viral…. We didn’t offer permission to any of the tabloids to print the image, in fact we stopped answering their persistent calls in the end. They went ahead and printed it anyway….!

The Sun 07th March 2018

The eagle image goes viral…. 

The Scottish Sun 07th March 2018

The eagle image goes viral…. 

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