A white-tailed eagle drops by in the forest……

23rd December 2018
The roost

You never know what goes on in your back garden, or in our case the forest. Buzzards? Ravens? We see them frequently, they’re not shy. Then one day last winter we noticed we had return visitors of a larger kind, the white-tailed eagle had decided it was quite fond of stopping by. 

We set up our trusty Browning trail cam and got rather hooked on the story of ‘the roost’. Still today we get various visitors. There’s been a lot of exciting activity during the last year and much anticipation over what might happen in the coming year.

With support of RSPB and SNH we are quietly observing who drops by and what they get up to. If you’d like to hear more, please follow us on facebook or twitter.

For now here’s a favourite eagle clip of ours and a Merry Christmas from us all at Uist Forest Retreat.