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13th March 2018
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Above is a sneak preview of our forest cabins. It will be impossible to escape the views over the ever changing colours of the coastal scenery!

This year and in particular this month, we have been super busy getting the site ready for Rotunda to arrive and start the build of two custom designed cabins – we are very excited! Our ultimate wish is to provide a relaxed forest cabin feel that offers the best opportunity to take in the very special views from the forest and the best chance of seeing the wildlife pass by. Rotunda answered our brief perfectly from the very first designs and we can not wait to see the buildings come to life when they reach their special and secluded sites.

For now our cabins sleep 2 and are ideal for couples looking for a wilderness and wildlife experience. If you like to soak up exceptional views from your bath you will be able to do this too!

We had hoped to offer accommodation for families and solo travellers but sadly it wasn’t possible to do everything we wanted to do from the outset. Please do let us know if you are interested in other types of accommodation so we can keep you updated.

The circular cabins are based on the ancient wheelhouse design. There is evidence of these prehistoric wheelhouses from the Iron age all over the Western Isles. Just a short walk from the cabins you can see a fine example on Buaile Risary that is complete with cup marks too.

We will be opening for the summer, date tbc as we await all utilities being complete. In the mean time do let us know if you’re planning a visit or sign up below to get notified of when we’re ready to open.  Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

Rotunda Cabin Foundations
Site visit from Phil Kay at Rotunda. Thumbs up were given for the ground preparation so far – the view from here is going to be amazing!
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